Taking some time.

Recently I’ve been stressing and rushing around and trying to do everything and trying to figure things out for right now and for my future. I’ve had so many thoughts in my head and have been doing so much and thinking about everything all at once. So much so, I lost my way a little. And then I watched something that made me realise I need to just take some time for myself, to be present and just give myself some time and space. And then I went to a yoga class (first time in a studio for a couple of weeks) and it was the first time in so long I felt present in my body and my practice, not thinking about other things or criticising myself or worrying, just being. It felt amazing. And it reminded me that I do need to give myself some time.

I need to not constantly stress, because that doesn’t do me any good. I need to slow my thoughts down sometimes, to give my head space to relax. I need to remember to breathe and stop. I need to realise that I don’t need to be constantly doing things or seeing people, that it’s good to be alone and to remind myself I actually love being alone and doing my own thing (reading, resting, practicing yoga, cooking, anything). Because once I get back to that place where I am happy and relaxed, not rushing around or worrying all the time, I know I’m a better person to be around and then I can truly give things and people around me time and attention.

In learning to be in the present moment, which is something yoga teaches people, I can stop worrying about the future or living in the past. Being present allows you to listen to yourself, to others around you, and to create experiences and memories that make you feel warm and content. When I’m not worrying about the future, I am more relaxed and can fully apply myself to things. When I’m not living in the past, I’m not playing into old emotions or scenarios.

So for a little while, I’m taking time for me. I’ll still see people and do things and will still make future plans (albeit rough and changeable ones), but I will also take enough time to be alone and to not rush or stress, to truly give myself space and relaxation. It’s something we all need. And there’s no reason not to do it.

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